A Madison city bus driving away from the state Capitol in the background

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars.
It’s where the rich use public transport.”

Gustavo Petro, mayor of Bogota

The Wisconsin Transit Riders Alliance is a coalition of transit advocates and transit advocacy organizations. Although transit agencies tend to be local, they are impacted in multiple ways by state-level policy and finance so we in turn must ally ourselves to voice a state level message that can be heard by our state representatives and others who function on a state-wide level. We want more and better local transit – paratransit, shared-ride taxi, vans, buses, streetcars and rail — and more and better intercity bus and train service as well. We think that a variety of transportation options, including good transit, should be available so people and businesses can consider convenience, time, health, accessibility, sustainability, safety and cost when choosing how to travel.  We believe that good public transit supports the dignity and freedom of all individuals, creates an open, hospitable and welcoming community, respects the environment, opens economic opportunity to all and moves people to where they need to go.

PAGE LAST UPDATED:  June 23, 2016